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Plant | Self Sustaining Terrarium

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Plant | Self Sustaining Terrarium
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Plant | Self Sustaining TerrariumPlant | Self Sustaining TerrariumPlant | Self Sustaining Terrarium
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Removing the lid. Remove your terrariums lid once a week for up to 15 minutes to let in fresh carbon dioxide.

Watch for diseases. Because the environments inside closed terrariums are perfect breeding grounds for diseases, your terrarium can be devastated quickly if they’re not caught early. Check you terrarium a couple times a week and treat it with a diluted fungicide as soon as you notice infection.

Water. Only add water if you notice condensation has stopped, the plants start to droop, or the soil feels dry. If your container has a tight lid, this is only necessary every four to six months.

Rotate the container. If you notice your plants growing towards the light source, rotate your container to even them out.

Pruning. Prune plants when they are yellowing, touching the glass or getting too large.

Fertiliser. Once a year you may want to fertilise with an organic water-soluble fertiliser at 1/4 the recommended rate. Spring is an ideal time to fertilise. Never fertilise during winter.

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